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Renovation of office space comes to an end, leading to better communication and more efficiency.


Valtek Office Renovations

Valtek, a Westport Fuel Systems company, has recently renovated its office space to accomodate easier communication and more efficiency. “We really felt we could take a great step by creating various spaces in our office that have a better flow of information and processes. Colleagues feel more inspired and involved in this new environment that reflects our modern and innovative company. Our customers will experience the difference. “

“We are planning a second step—reorganizing our production site—improving production efficiency, and increasing our production capacity. All of our products are MADE IN ITALY 100%. We invite our customers to come and personally see how a good quality product is made,” says Letizia Gasparini, Sales Manager, VALTEK SPA.

Valtek provides a complete portfolio of injectors, low pressure solenoid valves, filters, and reducers. Even with an historical focus on LPG components, we also offer technology for CNG components such as high speed injectors and filters for the light, medium, and heavy-duty markets.

Valtek components are currently applied worldwide in a wide range of applications, from lawnmowers to forklifts, passenger cars, trucks and buses. Our dedicated engineering team is focused on our customers needs, and our flexibility in concept and design was recognized by our success over last 30 years.

For more information on our products or for a company visit please contact us at: valtek-sales@westport.com.