Solenoid valves, injectors, and filters for gaseous fuels.

Type 06

Shut-off Valve

Type 06 Shut-off Valve


On/off shut-off valve without filter

Inlet and outlet threaded male on request

Connection to the supply pipes through of hose connectors or fittings for rigid pipes.

Technical Specifications

Material Brass
Available applications LPG, CNG, petrol, diesel
Max. working pressure 0,15 MPa (marine applications) 0,7 MPa (bpetrol and gasoline) 3 MPa ( LPG, CNG)
Working temperature -40°C +120°C
Approval ECE R67-01 ECE R110 UL standard 429 ECE R10-03
Flow rate with air [nl/h]
varying pressure at ambient temperature
16500 @ 1 bar - 26500 @ 2 bar
Coil armature with holes
Ø 5,5 mm - Ø 6,5 mm
Coil type Small
12 V – 11 W
Lucar Plugs connection
Coil type Small
12 V – 8 W
Lucar plugs and ground connector
Coil type Big
24 V – 11 W
AMP SUPERSEAL 1.5 connection
Coil type Big
24 V – 8 W
Connection wires L=140mm
Coil type Small
12 V – 8 W + diodo


Inlet (A) ¼”-18 NPT F
Outlet, Connection (B) ¼”-18 NPT F