Solenoid valves, injectors, and filters for gaseous fuels.



Vaporizer Palladio


Single stage reducer, direct diaphragm-shutter control.
Fast response and stable dynamic pressure conditions.
Adjustable outlet pressure to 1 bar or 1.4 bar
Aluminum body optimized for the vaporization of luxury plus LPG
Hydraulic system capacity: 150cc
Integrated safety valve at 6 bar
Built-in 4.7kΩ NTC water temperature sensor

Technical Specifications

Material Aluminum
Type Membrane single reduction stage
Operating temperature -20 °C » +120 °C
Max. inlet pressure 27 bar
Output setting pressure
0,9 » 1,1 bar
1,2 » 1,6 bar
Gas outlet hose connection ø 10 mm (straight fitting)
optional: 120° fitting
Coolant inlet / outlet hose connection ø 15 mm (120° fitting)
optional: straight fitting
Electrical connection AMP/DELPHI Superseal 1,5 mm IP67
Weight ca 2 Kg (with Solenoid Valve)
Approvals ECE R67