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Injectors Calibration Tool

Calibration Tool




Device designed to enable control of piston stroke on Valtek injector rails Type 30 - Type 37 - Type 33.


A basic tool for adjusting the injector stroke, useful during the repair and maintenance process. The built-in digital comparator, ensure precise and repeatable results.

The 3D print and the plastic material guarantee a durable and easy to use equipment.

The tool is multi-functional, as well as being rugged, reliable, light, compact and accurate.

The aim of this tool is to grant benefits and an added value, integrating our products range and giving additional support and assistance to our  customers.




The tool is completed by below accessories:

- Base

- 1 Digital comparator

- 2 Screws

- 1 Screw rubber tips

- 1 Nut M4

- 2 Comparator tips

- 2 Type 30 adapters

- 2 Type 33 adapters

The device includes several accessories, as the stand support to place the injector on, the clamp to fix and prevent the movements, the switch to give the power current on coil and the digital comparator screwed in place of nozzles injector.