Solenoid valves, injectors, and filters for gaseous fuels.

Type 40

Injector RAIL

Type 40 Injector RAIL


The numerous tests performed demonstrated the excellent performance of the new type 40 2 OHM injector.

For easy installation the single injector with gas hose attached directly to the manifold nozzle, very close to the intake manifold, connected on plastic rail.

The SIDE FEED power supply combined with the 360° orientation of the gas inlet allows optimal connection of the supply pipes.

High durability, modularity, and fast injection time.

New treatments and optimization of component tolerances make the Type 40 extremely productive with respect to the performance of products of the same range:

  1. Cycle time, opening + closing time reduced by 65%.
  2. Increased durability of 400%,
  3. Maximum speed and flow increasing linearly with nozzles up to Ø2.5 mm.

Compact dimensions and reduced weight allow installation directly on the intake manifold near the engine head for the benefit of the gas system response rate.


Technical Specifications

Material Aluminum and Plastic
Weight Iniettore singolo 90g
Distributore plastica 4 cyl 17,5g. - 3 cyl. 16,5g.
Approvals ECE R67-01, ECE R110, ECE R10-03, ISO 15500


Ø 10 / 12
Output calibrated nozzles
Ø 1,5 to Ø 2,5 step 0,50
Ø 6
1,0 / 2,0