Solenoid valves, injectors, and filters for gaseous fuels.

Type 40

Injector RAIL

Type 40 Injector RAIL

LPG/CNG Injector Rail, interchangeable calibrated nozzles from 1.5 mm to 2.5 mm.

Integrated connector compatible Amp superseal 1,5 IP 54 seal.

Maximum working pressure 0.45 MPa (4.54 bar).

Equipped with 360 ° adjustable Inlet Gas.

Good performance even with poor quality LPG without mounting a protective filter, easy maintenance and reduced size. Excellent silence. Maximum opening time speed 1OHM - 2.1 ms.

Available with temperature sensor and / or with pressure tap on the distributor cap.

Replacement kit available.

Plastic distributor with 3 cylinders and 4 cylinders.

Eyelet for fastening with screws M6


Technical Specifications

Material Aluminum and Plastic
Weight Iniettore singolo 90g
Distributore plastica 4 cyl 17,5g. - 3 cyl. 16,5g.
Approvals ECE R67-01, ECE R110, ECE R10-03, ISO 15500


Ø 10 / 12
Output calibrated nozzles
Ø 1,5 to Ø 2,5 step 0,50
Ø 6
1,0 / 2,0