Solenoid valves, injectors, and filters for gaseous fuels.

Injector Rail

Type 30

Injector Rail Type 30

LPG/CNG Injection Rail, gaseous phase, for calibrated exchangeable nozzles with male thread 1/8”G cyl.

Available in standard flow version or increased flow “BFC”, coils with incorporated connector compatible with Amp/Delphi superseal 1,5mm, tightness IP 54, body in extruded black anodized Aluminium.

Standard valve seat Ø 4mm, gas inlet options from either side, connections for rubber hose internal Ø 10 / 12 mm.

Good performance even with dirty LPG and without fitting a protective filter, simple maintenance and compact dimensions. Excellent silent running.  Available in 1–4 cylinder models.

Available with temperature sensor and/or with pressure sensor.

Technical Specifications

Material Aluminum
Weight 4 cyl. » 0,5 kg
3 cyl. » 0,4 kg
2 cyl. » 0,3 kg
1 cyl. » 0,2 kg
Approvals ECE R67-01, ECE R110, ECE R10-03, ISO 15500


Ø 10 / 12
Output calibrated nozzles
Ø 1,5 to Ø 3,5 step 0,25
Ø 5
Ø 6
1,0 / 2,0 / 3,0 / 6,0