Solenoid valves, injectors, and filters for gaseous fuels.
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To assure you of quality, originality, and warranty, VALTEK launches the new APP that allows you to verify the authenticity of its products by scanning the QR code.

A free tool that gives you the opportunity to verify the origin of your VALTEK component.

In the new APP you will find the product sheets of all VALTEK items, you can discover all their variants, and evaluate their suitability for your gas application and beyond.

In the News section you will find news to keep you up to date about all the news in the world of VALTEK and the Westport Fuel Systems group.




March 28th - 31st Motorshow, Poznań (Poland)



Device designed to enable control of piston stroke on Valtek injector rails Type 30 - Type 37 - Type 33.

Includes the support stand to place the injector on, the clamp to fix it and prevent the movements, the switch off ON/OFF and the digital comparator screwed in place of nozzles injector.  All this elements are incorporates.

The adapters for Type 30 and Type 33 allow to calibrate several models with one single device. 

The integrated switch off allows a easy and fast connection.     

A basic tool for controlling injector rail functional accuracy, helpful during regeneration process and not only. The built-in digital comparator, ensure precise and repeatable results.


The tool is multi-functional and easy to use, as well as being rugged, reliable, light, compact and accurate.  

The aim of this tool is to value added benefit, completing our products range and give complete support and assistance to our  distributors and customers.


New Valtek's Single Injector - Type 40

The Type 40 Single injector has been added to the Valtek injectors family.

The modern design, the technical improvements made, the versatility of installation and the extreme speed make the Type 40 one of the most performing injectors of the Valtek range.


The new treatments and the optimization of tolerances between the components make the Type 40 extremely performing compared to the performance of the products of the same range:

- Cycle time, opening + closing time reduced by 65%.

- Durability increased by 400%, from bench-based comparative tests.

- Maximum speed and flow rate increasing linearly with nozzles up to Ø2.5 mm.         

The SIDE FEED power supply combined with 360 ° orientation of the inlet gas allow an optimal connection of the supply pipes.

The compact size and low weight allow installation very close to the intake manifold near the head of the engine to the advantage of the gas system's response speed.

The distributor is available for n. 4 cylinders or n. 03 cylinders;

The body material is made of plastic polymer. The lightness of the plastic material used in the automotive sector, allows greater efficiency in consumption.

As well as:

- Reduced corrosion allows a longer life of the vehicle;

- Component integration is more flexible;

- Safety and comfort;

- Recyclability.


 Valtek obtained the approval renewal for the Certificate of Compliance ISO 15500 Part 7

Appropriate tests have been witnessed on our products and the certificate's maintenance has satisfied all requested requirements.

This part of ISO 15500 specifies tests and requirements for the gas injector and/or fuel rail, a compressed natural gas fuel system component intended for use on the types of motor vehicles, is applicable to vehicles using natural gas in accordance with ISO 15403-1 (mono-fuel, bi-fuel, or dual-fuel applications).

The certificate is valid for the Valtek' models type 30type 31type 33 and type 37.


AltFuels Mexico 2018 – Valtek’s presence at exhibition

On April 24th – 26th Valtek attended the Exhibition of AltFuels Mexico 2018, where the topic of the development of alternative fuels was discussed and where the presence of our company has been important in a context where themes are framed the latest innovations on clean technologies were presented.

This exhibition, held at the Convention Center of the World Trade Center in Mexico City, and organized by GNV Latin Amercia – Altfuels Communications Group, featured the presence of the industry’s most important companies in Latin America and with a strong international presence, which presented its latest products and technologies.

Valtek joined the Westport Fuel Systems stand together with BRC, TA, GFI, OMVL, PRINS and ZAVOLI.

The Mexican economy stands out in the Latin American panorama for its stability, with a good performance of domestic consumption, investments and exports, it is the second largest economy in Latin America and is considered a world-class economic partner.

The spread of the LPG and CNG, make this country an interesting territory on which Valtek will be able to distribute its products and develop new business.


Renovation of office space comes to an end, leading to better communication and more efficiency.


Valtek Office Renovations

Valtek, a Westport Fuel Systems company, has recently renovated its office space to accomodate easier communication and more efficiency. “We really felt we could take a great step by creating various spaces in our office that have a better flow of information and processes. Colleagues feel more inspired and involved in this new environment that reflects our modern and innovative company. Our customers will experience the difference. “

“We are planning a second step—reorganizing our production site—improving production efficiency, and increasing our production capacity. All of our products are MADE IN ITALY 100%. We invite our customers to come and personally see how a good quality product is made,” says Letizia Gasparini, Sales Manager, VALTEK SPA.

Valtek provides a complete portfolio of injectors, low pressure solenoid valves, filters, and reducers. Even with an historical focus on LPG components, we also offer technology for CNG components such as high speed injectors and filters for the light, medium, and heavy-duty markets.

Valtek components are currently applied worldwide in a wide range of applications, from lawnmowers to forklifts, passenger cars, trucks and buses. Our dedicated engineering team is focused on our customers needs, and our flexibility in concept and design was recognized by our success over last 30 years.

For more information on our products or for a company visit please contact us at: