Solenoid valves, injectors, and filters for gaseous fuels.
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Valtek is able to design, test and manufacture integrated components for specific solutions, using the know-how of its internal team, as well as the detailed knowledge of its product and that of the other companies of the Westport Fuel Systems group.

The high quality products and services often arise from the involvement and support of Valtek in the research and development process of its customers, some of which have been served for over 20 years.

Over time, Valtek has made a conscious effort to provide greater quality and innovation, not only in terms of product, but also in terms of customer service and support. The patent portfolio continues to grow, especially in relation to component modifications, product durability and the resolution of safety problems.

Valtek holds a significant share of the market and aspires to further expansion through new products currently in the planning stage. Worldwide, the Westport Fuel Systems group has filed over 950 patent applications relating to more than 225 inventions, filing approximately 400, including more than 90 issued in the United States.